The Travel Agent and the Doula

My husband recently asked me why I’d engaged a travel agent for some upcoming trips.  I simply explained that it wasn’t about saving money, per say, but saving me the time and anxiety in trying to find a place to stay, coordinate locations, and find things to do, places to eat, etc.  For a recent business trip, I had given our agent the conference location and all our membership numbers and flight info; he arranged hotels and rental car and sent it over in an email. One and done.  I liked that.  So when we had two more trips coming up it was a no-brainer to me.

On vacation we will go…

We had never visited these cities and there were a ton of things to do, so I wanted the “expert” to help us navigate the options in a professional, experienced manner.  He could help us plan and prepare and give us trusted sources of information.  Wow, this guy was my travel doula!  Of course he wasn’t going to physically go on this trip with us, just as I don’t physically feel my client’s efforts to bring their babies into this world on their own special journey.  But…

A doula is your professional travel guide and concierge for birth.

…everything I do, ideally, helps families plan and prepare, understand their options and alternatives, and works as part of their team to help them feel supported and cared for during this once in a lifetime “trip”.

If you are interested in professional, experienced support for your upcoming birth, I would love to be your “travel agent” and support your passage to parenthood.  If you’d like information on planning a babymoon, contact James Gallagher at Archer Luxury Travel!

Shannon would like to thank Penny Bussell Stansfield, AdvCD(DONA), and among other titles, new grandmother to four kiddos including TRIPLETS, for the invitation to travel with her and her daughter-in-law to hold a precious baby for a five hour flight.  She would also like to thank her wonderful clients over a three year period that are helping to send her entire family (grandparents included!) on a dream vacation after Christmas 2017.

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