Yes, that’s right. I was a collegiate cheerleader (Go Ducks!). The only thing that really has to do with what I’m about to share is the massive damage cheerleading did to my wrists. I was a stunter. I was thrown around a lot and mostly my landings equaled take-offs (thank you, Erik Greenman).  When you are being thrown by an individual, you flick your wrists off theirs as they hold your waist. After a few years, I had a really hard time writing notes in class (the era before everyone had laptops).  Even now, writing notes and cards can be a struggle after a bit.  What the heck does that have to do with being a doula and the renowned double hip squeeze?!? Please allow me to elaborate!  If you are a doula, partner, or other birth attendant, you may know very well the comfort and relief counter-pressure on the hips can be. It is opening to the front of the pelvis,... Read More

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